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Who We Are

Dirt Road Media is a lifestyle not a 9 to 5 mentality. We have big hearts, big ideas and big hopes for our clients. Actually, we’re big on everything but shortcuts because why do it at all if you can’t do it right?

If you aren’t on their radar now, what makes you think you will be when they’re ready to purchase?

Where to begin? Honestly, we’re at a loss for words. Hard for creative marketing types we know. But when you’re trying to tell the world about yourself, nothing sounds right. Usually, we’re on the other side of the fence, writing stories, pitching stories, designing logos, brochures and Web pages, and disseminating information to the masses — for everyone else. We realize, however, that potential clients need to trust us. And trusting us requires knowing us.

What follows is the short story of Dirt Road Media. Enjoy, because all of us involved rolled the dice. We took a gamble that the people we’ve grown up with, lived with, worked with, or known all our lives meant it when they said our talents would take us farther than a cubicle without a view. Genetics played a part, too. Our backgrounds are rooted in small businesses. Our families farmed, owned bars and rebuilt old cars for cash. Though none of us knew each other as kids or even in college, our parents shared tons in common, particularly the phrase, “Just make it happen,” which meant leveraging resources with limited dollars and seeing it through to the very end.

When we ditched our corporate jobs with steady pay, regular hours, retirement benefits and 401k, for months we heard, “Have you lost your minds?” That lead us to this, pure and simple: Complacency gets you nowhere. Doing nothing leads to dead ends.

Granted, our road to prosperity hasn’t been smooth because most business owners continue to guard their wallets. Worse, the harbingers of doom have sent some of them scurrying to an imaginary bomb shelter, making companies like ours the first casualties of tighter budgets. Too bad they haven’t learned that hiring Dirt Road Media is a wise investment of marketing dollars. When people aren’t buying, they’re considering what to buy. So if you aren’t on their radar now, what makes you think you will be when they’re ready to purchase?

Owners of Fortune 500 companies argue that a recession is a country’s way of balancing itself. These same folks continue to advertise when times are tough times because they value customer loyalty. They’ve learned it’s not what I can sell a customer but what is required to keep him. Lucky for us, Dirt Road Media serves some pretty smart clients.