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Why We’re Different

The Name Game

Different. Imaginative. Memorable.

A certain mystery surrounds dirt roads. Maybe it’s because we don’t always know where they’ll lead. They inspire ingenuity, creativity and a euphoric sense of adventure. People who live at the end of dirt roads learn early in life to dodge potholes. They learn to tread lightly but when they’re stuck to stomp the gas. (Or dig their way out with a shovel.)

Granted, not everyone is moved by the name Dirt Road Media, the brainchild of  Melissa Hudson and Chasiti Kirkland Jackson. Debate rages over whether it’s too bucolic and casual to resonate with corporate types. But love it or hate it, the name sticks. Most of all it fits.

Both of us grew up in quiet, Southern communities that invited barefoot walks along dirt roads. We met while working for a nonprofit that receives corporate dollars from outdoor leaders including Winchester ammunition and Realtree camouflage, whose fan base champions humanitarian causes, conservatism and traditions.

In the presence of greater-known ad agencies, we’re called an “extremely small marketing company.” No argument here; we’re small on overhead but big on ideas. Our team includes a former editor, news reporters, a promotions director for a radio station, a radio personality, a graphic designer for multiple titles and a Web developer for a hunting organization with international reach.

Some folks said corporate America would never embrace our name or abilities. We’re glad they underestimated us. Our resume includes work for The University of South Carolina, Bridgestone Firestone of South Carolina and Procter and Gamble of Augusta, Ga.

Along the way, dirt roads have taught us important lessons, whether it’s grabbing the “oh, crap,” handle when we goof or correcting the wheel as quickly as possible. Dirt roads also have given us character. They’ve taught us to be courteous and patient, and that the easy way isn’t always the best way.

For those just discovering this Dirt Road, we’re one of those special experiences Southerners call a “sercie,” a pleasant surprise that seems planned with them in mind. We hope you find the drive more enjoyable than taking the highway. Read what our clients say about Dirt Road Media.