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These Features Are Your Friends

Although Facebook might seem simple to most of you, we’ve realized that our newer clients, and even some who’ve been with us since the beginning, find it difficult to navigate the ever-changing landscape of Mark Zuckerberg’s social media highway. Heck, we can’t even keep up. But as Paul Boutin pointed out in a recent “New […]

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Email Marketing is a Must

The inbox is still relevant, now more than ever. It’s true that consumers are being blasted by email like never before. They’re also pickier about the mail they open. But sending messages directly to inboxes remains the most effective way to reach customers. Checking email, it turns out, is a more common mobile activity than […]

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Funny Videos Drive Facebook Traffic

Want more fans to join your company Facebook page? Post a ha,ha. Laughter, it turns out, truly is the best medicine. According to research by the Los-Angeles-based Jun Group, which produces online videos for major brands, people are more likely to follow companies that post funny videos. The kind that makes them pee their pants […]

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One Space After a Period, Please

Forget what you learned in high school English. Times have changed. Rules are different. There is only one space between a period and the beginning of a new sentence. If you’re guilty, no big deal, but it saves copy editors tons of time deleting spaces after every sentence. And time is money. Many of our […]

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When to Run From a Web Designer

First, let me say this post is not intended as a shameless plug for Dirt Road Media. We do offer web design services, but by no means are we the best there is. Lately, though, if I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, “I hired my neighbor’s second cousin’s friend, who just […]

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