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Common Questions

Is a deposit required to start my project?
Yes, Dirt Road Media requires a 50 percent deposit to place your project in production. The remaining balance is due upon completion.

Can you start work without a deposit?
Sorry, we will politely decline. The initial deposit puts your project in production and helps fund up-front costs that may be required to start.

How much do you charge for revisions?
You are allowed unlimited revisions per round, and your first two rounds are included with your package. Additional revisions are $75/hour.

What is a revision round?
Dirt Road Media presents a proof; you make revisions; and we make the required changes. That completes round one. The process of refining continues until both parties reach round two. Additional rounds are billed at $75/hour.

Why do I have to pay $75/hour after two rounds?
To keep our prices as low as possible while offering great value, we include two rounds of revisions in each package. Experience has proven that clients who take this part of the process seriously rarely exceed two rounds. It bears repeating that you are allowed unlimited revisions per round. It is important that your project moves forward, that deadlines are met and that you stay within budget.

How can I limit revisions?
Several tips make the collaboration process easier for both parties. First, it is Dirt Road Media’s responsibility to make sure we conduct a detailed design brief that meets your expectations in the initial concept. And it is your responsibility to use your two rounds of revisions efficiently.

  1. Involve the end decision maker as soon as possible and keep him or her involved.
  2. Don’t show the design to everyone within reach and ask them to recommend changes. Humans are creatures of habit who feel obligated to suggest change just for the sake of doing so. We do recommend, however, that you get initial input from as many people as you need and give us those ideas. We will try to incorporate them in the first design concept. Keep the actual revision and collaboration process to 1 or 2 people. Otherwise, design and creativity are compromised.
  3. Look over your proof as thoroughly as possible and make appropriate comments, remarks and revisions. When you’re done, check it again, and submit changes to us.
  4. Trust us. We have worked in the trenches for years, and we have clients and projects to prove it. We strongly encourage that you resist the urge to redesign your proof. If in doubt, ask questions, make suggestions and, together, we will discuss options. Remember, you hired us to be the experts so let us.

When do I make my final payment?
When you have approved your last or only item(s), final payment is due.

Do you charge rush fees?
We can’t give you a definite yes or no because each case is considered individually. DRM believes that planning ahead yields far better results than a job done on the fly. Racing against time and wrestling with panicked owners and employees isn’t fun. We realize, however, that things happen. If you make a last-minute request, Dirt Road Media reserves the right to take the job at the usual price or add a 25 percent markup. But we will not reject the job because it puts other clients’ projects in jeopardy or because we refuse to work under pressure. Honestly, we thrive on it.

Because getting the little things right is a big thing.

Service Guarantee
We believe customer service is the rule not the exception. We’re not in it for the quick win but winning over the long haul. Dirt Road Media does not outsource its calls or generate automated email responses. And we haven’t forgotten what Mama taught us: to treat others like we want to be treated. So
give us a call; the first consultation is free.