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Email Marketing is a Must

The inbox is still relevant, now more than ever.

It’s true that consumers are being blasted by email like never before. They’re also pickier about the mail they open. But sending messages directly to inboxes remains the most effective way to reach customers.

Checking email, it turns out, is a more common mobile activity than Facebook or Twitter.

According to the Subscribers, Fans and Followers report, 58 percent of consumers surveyed check their inboxes before doing anything else on the web. Another 83 percent read through all of their email. Plus,  email messages stand a greater chance at reaching mobile users than other forms of marketing because people with smartphones check their email at least three times daily.

Still not convinced that email marketing works? Well, chew on this: For every $1 spent creating an eBlast campaign, the average return is $43. Not to mention:

Email Marketing is Fast

Need to boost revenue lickety-split? Email marketing allows you to reach customers at lightening speeds. Initial campaign response generally occurs within 48 hours of launch.

Email Marketing Is Affordable

Industry estimates suggests online campaigns are 20 times more cost-effective than direct mail. Individual emails cost less than 3 cents, making eBlasts a more practical way to communicate more often with customers.

Email Marketing is Measurable

Email is easily tracked. From the moment you send it, you can see how many people opened your message, clicked certain links, forwarded it to others, liked it on Facebook or Tweeted it.

Now what?

A great subject line is a huge factor in determining if the email gets read. Most people decide which emails to read by scanning their subject lines. If the subject line is boring or smells like spam, the email will never get opened.

Build trust. Getting subscribers to opt-in to your list is one thing. Getting them to stay on is another. Keep people excited to be on your list by continually offering them what they want. Examples include valuable tips and tricks or exclusive offers.

Email regularly. If subscribers opt-in to your list but you don’t email them for a month, they probably won’t remember you. They will delete you, however. With regular rapport, subscribers learn to expect your emails and respond to them.