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Funny Videos Drive Facebook Traffic

Want more fans to join your company Facebook page? Post a ha,ha. Laughter, it turns out, truly is the best medicine.

According to research by the Los-Angeles-based Jun Group, which produces online videos for major brands, people are more likely to follow companies that post funny videos. The kind that makes them pee their pants funny — in 15 seconds or less featuring real folks, not celebrities. Here’s a breakdown by the numbers:

  • People who watch a funny video are more than three times more likely to join a brand’s Facebook page than those who watch something more serious.
  • Celebrity faces drive 12 percent fewer visits than videos that feature everyday people.
  • Fifteen-second spots receive the best click-through rates.
  • More than half of all video viewers (63 percent) are female, and 60 percent are between 18 and 44.

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